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Mission: The Stewardship Committee strives to help parishioners recognize their many and varied God-given gifts, and to encourage them to use their time, talent and treasure in the service of others.

Vision:  St. Matthias parishioners receive God’s gifts gratefully, cherish and tend them in a responsible and accountable manner, and return them joyfully to the Lord.

Description: The Stewardship Committee exists to educate, motivate, and encourage the assembly of St. Matthias Parish in the biblical principles of whole-life stewardship. The task of stewardship is the spiritual formation growth of the people of God by serving as stewards through their time, talent and treasure. The Stewardship Committee’s goal is to communicate the needs of the parish and engage parishioners.


See the current Time & Talent Brochure or the Get Involved section of our website for details on how to donate your Time & Talent!

To get involved, contact Steven Imp at