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“We came to St. Matthias because it is our parish school –bright, welcoming, and reputable for its quality, faith-based education. We stay at St. Matthias because our values are reinforced daily at school; our children are truly cared for, valued, and respected; AND any special needs are addressed through differentiated education so my children can succeed and be the best they can. I couldn’t ask for more!”
Helen Koronka – Parent of 2 students

“St. Matthias is the perfect fit for our family. You can immediately feel the warmth and enthusiasm by the staff. The curriculum is challenging and the teachers continue to look for new ways to motivate and inspire the children. The sense of faith and Christian values that are constantly being taught to them and shown by the example of everyone here are priceless. We love this community and feel at home here.”
Maria Conway – Parent of 3 students

“St. Matthias Parish School truly is a place of excellence. Not only did the faculty and staff fully prepare me academically for high school and beyond, but they genuinely cared about me and nurtured me emotionally and spiritually as well.”
Nick Reppen – St. Matthias Parish School Class of 2006, Pius XI High School Class of 2010

“We choose St. Matthias School because we really wanted our children’s education to be built on a solid Catholic foundation. When we toured the school, we discovered a staff that is very passionate about their jobs and the students they educate. From day one, we have been happy with St. Matthias School. The families we have encountered are very active in their students educational upbringing and spiritual growth. Our children have formed life long friendships and are learning new things everyday. One of the things that I am very impressed with is how our girls have been learning that volunteering their time, treasure and talent is very important. They know how important it is to give back to our school and community and have exhibited this by volunteering at the St. Matthias Parish Festival, participating in the marketing of our school at parades, and helping raise money for the Catholic Soles Walk to benefit our Tuition Angels Program. St. Matthias School is helping them understand this important core value.”
Mike & Angie Kasal – Parents of 2 students

“Twenty-six years ago I graduated from St. Matthias. With my husband, I toured the school in hopes that it was a similar atmosphere as when I went there. That is to say, quality education updated to compete with other schools, excellent teachers with minds and hearts that guide the children with teachings of God, extracurricular opportunities, and a sense of family. We were very pleased to see that St. Matthias continues to have these things and so much more. We saw and keep seeing high standards in all of these categories with the addition of the wonderful surprise of opportunities to get to know wonderful families as well as reuniting with other alumni who were seeking to give their children what they had when they grew up. My children are getting a quality education, a solid base of friends they care about, and opportunities for them to excel in places where they are discovering their talents. The teachers and staff nurture their growth beyond what we could ask for. Our family is very proud to be a part of the St. Matthias family.”
Lori Shantner – St. Matthias Alum and mother of 2 students

“We like the personal attention that the kids get in the classrooms. We like the smaller class sizes and that the teachers are able to spend more individual time teaching the kids. We also like the expectations that parents get involved with the school. While some may look at this as a burden, we feel that it keeps the connection strong between home and school, and my child can only benefit from that.”
Craig & Ann Becker – Parents of 1 student

“St.Matthias is more than a school, it’s a faith community. It’s the kind of community that feels like family. It’s truly a #village as we raise, educate, support and provide opportunities for our children. Even past their K4-8th grade experiences, our children remain part of the St. Matthias family.”
Kris Ruppin – St Matthias/Pius Alum, parent to past and current St Matthias students

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