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Education Endowment

St. Matthias Endowment Fund and Needs-Based Scholarship
In an effort to assist parents/guardians with their responsibility to provide Catholic education for their children, St. Matthias Parish will provide financial assistance for qualified applicants to the extent funding allows. Unless waived by the pastor, applicants will be asked to meet the following criteria:

1. Applicant must be a registered parish member for a minimum of one year, who actively practices the Catholic faith by regular weekend liturgy attendance and reception of the sacraments, and participates in stewardship to the parish through the sharing of time, talent, and treasure.
2. Applicant must complete and sign a formal request for assistance and demonstrate need by providing signed copies of prior year federal tax return and agree to apply for all other types of aid (i.e. free/reduced lunch, etc.).
3. Applicant must agree to pay all other fees (i.e. playground, educational material, special field trips, etc.) as well as the portion of tuition not covered by the assistance grant. Applicants who are past due on prior obligations may not be considered.
4. Applicant must sign and honor the School Family Commitment form. Applicants who neglect their commitment freely waive their privilege of having their children enrolled at the subsidized rate and may not be considered for assistance.

Application forms are available in the school office. Completed forms are due in the school office one week prior to endowment meetings. The endowment meetings for the school year are typically scheduled for early October and early April.

Contact the School office for more details 414-321-0894.

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