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Adult Faith Formation Opportunities

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Bible Study of Weekend Readings!

Come join Brian Jens, Peter Morello, and Fr. Chuck Schramm as we dive deeper into the upcoming weekend readings!

Every Thursday from 6:30 – 8:00 pm Brian Jens, Peter Morello, and Fr. Chuck Schramm will host a gathering to learn and discuss what our upcoming weekend readings are and what insights we can gain from them.

What is the goal of these sessions and why is it important?

  • Form Yourself as a Disciple of Jesus – The overall goal of these sessions, as is in all of our Adult Faith Formation programs, is to form disciples or dynamic followers of Jesus Christ. Reading the Bible is one of the most powerful ways we encounter Jesus. Scripture allows us to hear the voice of God through his written word.
  • Apply Scripture to Your Daily Life – Another goal of these sessions is to help people grow in the skill of interpreting Scripture and applying it to daily life. Reading Scripture can be intimidating. Where do I start? How do I make sense of all the things that I read about? How do I know I am reading these passages correctly? Our approach and the tools that are used for this Bible study will allow any person, no matter their faith level or Bible knowledge, to gradually grow in learning how to interpret Scripture correctly and apply it to their life.
  • Connection to Mass! – using the Sunday readings gives us a great place to begin and it makes us more active during the Mass. When you spend time reading the weekend Scriptures you will already be engaged in the Mass and it will allow you to pray more deeply. Plus you will see how the readings are connected in the rest of the words of Mass including the prayers and songs.

How do sign up to join the discussion?

  • The gatherings take place both in-person and online via Zoom. Simply call Brian Jens at 414-982-2406 or fill out the form above. Every week an email is sent out with the Zoom link, and directions on how to participate in person, and comes with the attachment of readings and commentary.
  • We meet in person in the Parish Office Conference Room via the back door of the Parish Office.
  • There is no commitment to join. Come when you can!