Parish Staff Directory

Photo of Jim Burss Jim Burss Maintenance Director
414-321-0893 x414
Photo of Brian Jens Brian Jens Director of Lifelong Faith Formation
414-321-0893 x406
Photo of Deacon Stan Lowe Deacon Stan Lowe Parish Director
414-321-0893 x409
Photo of Francine Micklus Francine Micklus Director of Liturgy and Music
414-321-0893 x410
Photo of Peter Morello Peter Morello Coordinator of Lifelong Faith Formation
414-321-0893 x413
Photo of Maureen Ocasio Maureen Ocasio Finance Secretary
414-321-0893 x411
Photo of Charmaine Pfeifer Charmaine Pfeifer Parish Administrative Assistant
Photo of Kathy Shields Kathy Shields Executive Administrative Assistant
414-321-0893 x402
Photo of Mrs. Alissa Turner Mrs. Alissa Turner School Principal

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