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We offer core and specialty classes for our students. We believe students should have well-rounded education which includes music, art, physical education, technology and Spanish in addition to our core subjects. As a Catholic school, our faith is seen in all subjects taught.

We are part of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and follow their curriculum which is inline with the WI state standards.  For more information on our curriculum, please click here. This link includes curriculum guides for parents at each grade level.

Educating children in the fullness of Catholic faith

Language Arts
Reading, Writing, Language, Speaking, and Listening

Understanding and applying quantitative skills and solving real-life problems

Developing scientific inquiry skills; maximizing hands-on learning to explore, discover, and experience the universe

Social Studies
Geography, History, Culture and Society, Civics and Government, Economics.

Spanish (grades 6-8)
Developing grammar and conversational skills to increase knowledge of practical and technical aspects of Spanish

Learning about the elements and principles of art, how art reflects culture, and how it impacts the everyday world

Keyboarding, basic operating system knowledge, and internet browsing are utilized in all areas of study.  There is the opportunity for every student to have access to a computer or Chromebook at all times.

Providing access to a library of fiction and non-fiction resources to aid in students’ studies.

Studying composers and music history helps increase student appreciation of music

Physical Education
Focusing on fitness and healthy lifestyle

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