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Young Adult Ministry

Vision Statement: We want St. Matthias to be a place where young adults can gather together in community while also providing for their spiritual needs.

Young Adults

  • Not age dependent
  • Most Diverse

Gather Together in Community

  • Large group or small group gatherings
  • Local places outside of the church

Providing For Spiritual Needs

  • Places to gather, talk, listen, and pray
  • Bible Studies
  • Acts of Service
  • What Else???

Where do we go from here?

  • How can St. Matthias help to provide for your spiritual needs?
  • Who else do we need to reach out to?
  • What are ways we can bring young adults together?

Can you help us reach out to young adults? Call Brian Jens at 414-982-2406 to talk or visit or submit your thoughts below.

Young Adult Ministry Ideas