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Mrs. Rachele Wehr

4th Grade Teacher


My name is Rachele Wehr.  I have been teaching at St. Matthias School since 1990.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in education at Marquette University.  My three children are alumni of St. Matthias. St. Matthias is my second family.

Faith is evident in my classroom, and it is intertwined in all activities.   Each day begins with a decade of the rosary and is followed by reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Students are enriched weekly with music,art, and physical education classes as well.

Some of the highlights of fourth grade are the following: going on an overnight camping trip, creating new inventions, reading to our junior kindergarten reading buddies, hosting a Halloween bake sale, creating 4th Grade Candy Cane Lane, reading a variety of exciting texts, writing narratives and persuasive essays, and taking educational field trips!

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