Parish and School Operating Budgets for Fiscal 2021-2022

The budgets attached represent the amount of revenues we expect next year as well as what we expect to spend maintaining services to the parish and school, staff and grounds upkeep.

The School budget is balanced albeit very tightly. As in years past, the school accepted several additional students over the summer months. We are anticipating the same will happen again this summer. Tuition for those additional students have not been included in the budget. In total, all budgets for school associated activities are positive.

The Pandemic has negatively impacted the financial picture of the Parish. Two years in a row we have not had a Festival. Net revenue from each festival has not been less than $50,000 each year. Envelope contributions fell and weekly offertory cash was off significantly this last year. In addition, there is an increase in salaries due to replacing several legacy staff members. Accounting for these changes results in a $125,000 loss to the parish. This is the first time in many years that St. Matthias has submitted a deficit budget to the Archdiocese.

To offset some of this deficit, included in the July/August envelope packet will be a special envelope for Festival donations. Please use this special envelope to share with the Parish whatever monies you would have spent at the Festival. You can also contribute online through the parish website, Scroll to the bottom and click on “Give Online”. We also ask that you keep this deficit in mind as you discern your weekly contributions to the parish.

Finance Council