From the Pastor – Faith First

We continue to move through a transition time here at St. Matthias. There is a lot happening! This weekend we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension. While the Christ Event happened in one movement of time–life, death resurrection, ascension, and sending of the Spirit (Pentecost)—we separate the various moments in order to reflect on them and their meaning for us.

With the ascension, we remind ourselves that upon his death Jesus moved into the fullness of glory with the Father. This can be a good time for us to be aware of our movement through this life toward the same life after death—a time to remember that our loved ones who have gone before us have already moved into a fullness of life with God. It’s also a time to remember that we will one day join them.

On Monday, May 17th, our newest staff member Charmaine Pfeifer will join us and take her place in the front office to begin learning all that is involved in her role as the initial contact for people who call or visit the office for various reasons. We certainly welcome her and look forward to her presence among us! In the meantime, our “transition team” will continue to monitor and guide parish life. I am grateful to our two trustees, Don Vaclav and Paul Ziehler as well as Jean Hansen, who leads the Finance Council. We meet weekly to make sure all areas of parish life are on track. Of course, this is in concert with the parish staff, volunteers, and all who work for the good of the parish.

Sacramental providers will remain the same: Fr. Dave, Fr. Bill, Fr. Charlie, and myself. We are happy to continue serving the people of St. Matthias in this capacity!

On July 1st, we will be joined by Permanent Deacon Stanley Lowe. He will assume the position of Parish Director. We look forward to welcoming him to the parish community! Some of you have been asking how Jeff Van Dalen is doing. I recently spoke with him via telephone, and he is recovering from surgery on his Achilles tendon, a slow and painful process that means very limited mobility. Please keep him in your prayers.

May the Spirit continue to guide us!

Fr. Chuck Schramm,
Temporary Administrator